Calgary Beer Core - Past Shows (2016)

Past Events - 2016

It was the year that all our heroes died. Or at least that's how it felt.

2016-12-31 - Calgary Beer Core's New Year's Eve Punk Vs Metal #50


We know how to ring in the new year in style, and this one was no exception. The culmination of the Punk Vs. Metal Season 4 battles, we had From Under The Stone, Pelican Death Squad, Statue Of Demur, ChaosBeing, Lordosis, Heyoka's Mirror, Meggido, and Citizen Rage play amazing sets and we all had just an amazing time. Unfortunately, Our Old Ways were unable to make the show.

Punk Vs Metal is a Beer Core tradition, and this show was no exception. It was fun, we earned some hard-as-fuck hangovers, and the room was full of awesome, smiling faces doing awesome, smiling things.

2016-12-16 - CBCTrain Funk Dance Party

Seriously fun night, man. We made a train track out of red duct tape... We had Freak Motif play killer funk music. We had Pelican Death Squad as honorary DJs for the night, spinning (if you call going to youtube "spinning") great funk tracks... We had the lovely miss Taylor McNallie host the show... We had costumes... We had giveaways... For one brief, shining moment, we were sex hot superstars of funk.

2016-12-09 - CBC Presents Rock For Generations Of Metal

We helped make a baby.

Seriously. This show was a fundraiser for our friends Meesh and Greg, who need to go through IVF to have a baby together, and that's an expensive process. Greg and Meesh approached Big Ugly Jim to put together a fundraiser, and this is what they came up with. Performances by Vile Insignia, Gales Of Avalon, Caveat, Illuminated Minerva, and Hazzerd, plus delicious banana bread and a silent auction. I think there was a silent auction. It has been a while. But all in all, we raised $1,420 towards the goal of making babies appear in Meesh's tummy, and we're all kinds of proud of that.

2016-12-08 - Punk Vs. Metal Season 4 Episode 4

The final preliminary round of the Punk Vs. Metal Season 4 Tournament was a total blast. We saw The Electric Revival (who found out they couldn't play New Year's Eve, but they played a set anyway) take on Heyoka's Mirror (don't let the poster fool you, there's a mirror there), Pelican Death Squad, and Lordosis. All of the bands put on ridiculous killer sets, and we decided that everyone but Electric Revival were going to go on to play New Year's Eve. This was an absolute monster of a show.

2016-12-01 - Punk Vs Metal Season 4 Episode 3

Round 3 of the prelims (yeah, I don't know why I don't have the proper poster) was a complete blast. This time, we had Carpet Bombers, Citizen Rage, Statue Of DemurReckless Heroes, and Killed By The Nine. The winners of this night were Citizen Rage and Statue Of Demur, but the real winners were everyone that watched the show, because it was fucking sick.

2016-11-17 - Calgary Beer Core Proudly Present The Raygun Cowboys

I'm gonna go full dork for a second and tell you that I absolutely fucking love The Raygun Cowboys. The high energy rockabilly blast complete with horn section just makes me so bloody happy every time. And to completement them, we brought out the Tarrantinoesque instrumental surf rock fuckers from The 427s, the dadcore radness of The Foul English, and the inimitable garagey/rockabilly type sounds of KV Raucous. From start to finish, it was an amazingly rad show, and just reminded me again and again why I love this band so much.

Some pictures from when we sponsored Punk Rock Bowling