Past Events

Please note, this isn't anything close to complete, nor do we imagine it'll get there. But we're gonna be good now and put all the past events we have on this page going forward, and we'll try to do some going backwards stuff too. But we promise nothing, because there's a lot of stuff we've done. And we're lazy. Hey, fuck you too. And we're gonna do these by years, because otherwise it'll take forever to load, so you can also check out 2017's shows, or maybe check out 2016 if you like.

January 27, 2018 - Punk Vs Metal 2018 FINALS

If you think that was rad, check out our 2017 and 2016 shows!

We wound up missing out on the third round of this competition due to just a myriad of reasons. We made the annoying but necessary decision to just go with two shows and let the winners slug it out. This wasn't about having a winner overall, this was about having a show to celebrate how awesome these bands are.

Four bands, four absolutely ass kicking sets. It was just great from start to finish. Huge thanks to Bayonet, Jezus Chrysler, Dethgod, and Western Death. And a huge thanks to Metalheads United for putting these shows together with us.

Some pictures from when we sponsored Punk Rock Bowling