Punk Vs Metal February Part 2

February 8, 2018 - Distortion

Punk Vs Metal will run with monthly, multi-round tournaments tournaments starting in February. Let the battle begin!

In our second round, we've got some pretty sick talent! We have a spot left to fill, and we'll update this when we have the lineup finalized.

The Galacticas -  The Galacticas are a super fun punk rock crew, and you'll love them.

King's Rot - When we started putting these shows together, Mark was all the way excited to book these guys. I've never seen them, and Mark says they're gonna blow my mind.

Class Of '93 - And another band we've never had the chance to work with, but can't wait to check out. 

Tickets are $5 bucks from all the bands competing or at the door.  check out the event on Facebook